We already have the CPL(A) vocational training certificate and the FI(A) instructor qualification. We invite especially those who do not think about flying for airlines but would like to benefit from the opportunity to earn money, provided by the pure professional license CPL(A). We develop individual theoretical or practical training programs.
We welcome all licensed pilots, not just professionals, to train for the FI(A) instructor qualification. Presently Part-FCL provisions allow doing the instructor job even with the PPL(A) license.

Grady Airfield

GRADY airfield is fabulously situated in the heart of a forest. You will find peace here, positive emotions and respite from the rush of everyday life.

Easy access and proximity to Warsaw encourage short trips to the airport and its beautiful and peaceful location is perfect for a vacation combining leisure with pilot training and experiencing the airport environment.

Why us?

Because Grady has something for everyone:

Pilot training, reconnaissance flights, sightseeing flights, and skydiving, for those who have never been in the air and would like to spend their free time in an unforgettable way.

For pilots and aircraft owners, we offer aircraft rental, pilot skill training, professional management of aircraft, their maintenance, and a modern hangar.

For companies, we can organize a conference, an integration meeting or a theme day with aviation attractions.


Unforgettable presents

Aircrafts parts

licencja pilota cena niższa niż myślisz

Pilot’s accessories

mapa 12

Gifts and gadgets

mapa 11

Books and maps

Our crew

Anna Kalbarczyk



+48 501 052 643

Marcin Duda „Dudziak” Pilot zawodowy

Marcin Duda

(Head of Training)


+48 531 499 001

lotnisko grądy

Bartosz Konopka

(Flying instructor, CAA examiner)


+48 517 600 243

Mateusz Zaziębło

(Flying instructor)


+48 605 090 205

Katarzyna Rychlik

(Specialist for Administration)


+48 690 491 575

Piotr Florczuk

(Flying instructor)


+48 500 236 264

Jan Szymański

(Flying instructor)


+48 884 000 830

Antoni Studziński

(Flying instructor)


+48 574 054 631

Marta Łut

(Specialist for CAMO, Part-145)


+48 505 287 583

Jacek Kuklis

(Flying Instructor)


+48 880 825 368

Paweł Mikołajczyk

(Flying instructor)


+48 500 506 396

Mariusz Korzeb

(Mechanic, personell Part-145)


+48 517 520 239


postal address:

Lądowisko Grądy
Antoniewo 13
07-311 Wąsewo

tel.: +48 501 052 643


Bank transfer details:

Ławy 97
07-411 Rzekuń

Account details:

44 1090 2590 0000 0001 3088 0335



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