Cessna 172

Cessna 172 marked SP-AIS is a representative of a family of the most popular aircraft in the world. It is a four-man, modern high-wing aircraft, richly equipped with navigation aids. Bigger than standard tanks allow to get to almost any part of Poland and come back. Fuel injected engine increases safety of the flight eliminating the biggest threat of the pilots, that is “carburettor icing”.

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Cessna 152

At present we have two Cessna 152 aircraft marked SP-KDL and SP-CKP.
They do not have to be introduced to aviation lovers – it is the most popular aircraft for learning pilotage in Poland and I think in the world. It is a two-man high-wing aircraft of a relatively not complicated structure. It has been produced for several dozen of years and tested in terms of reliability, durability and ergonomics. Pilots are particularly attracted by our darling “Swissie” – one of the youngest Cessna 152 in the world and I think the most beautiful and best equipped small Cessna in Poland.

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Socata TB10

Socata TB10 (Tobago) marked SP-RBK is an aircraft produced in France, not so often met in our country, although it has so many virtues distinguishing it in comparison with other four-man machines. This time it is a low-wing aircraft in which 4 people can travel comfortably or even luxuriously. Our Socata has a variable pitch propeller which additionally, apart from the cabin structure, engine parameters and big fuel tanks allows for using it for long-distance air tourism.

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Piper Arrow III 28R

Piper 28R-201 marked SP-TBK, brought directly from Denmark, is an aircraft of European calibre – its flight speed (130 knots thanks to the landing gear and 200 horsepower engine), fuel tanks of 272 litres capacity, equipment certified for IFR flights – allow to fly to any part of Europe and with a little trouble, even of the world.

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Piper 34 Seneca V

Piper Seneca is one of the most popular twin-engined light aircraft. It is the best solution for MEP(L) class training and also perfect for quick trip to any part of Europe and the world at any season. Both engines give 440 horsepower, and full anti-icing system lets to fly even in medium icing conditions.