How to become a pilot

Do you dream of being a pilot?

How to become a pilot being a citizen of a EU State?

1. Aviation medical examinations

You may perform them in Poland already during the training – they are requires only for the first independent flight.

The aviation medical examinations last for just a few hours, one has to appear in the aviation medical Centre with an empty stomach about 7-8 a.m. and already about 12 a.m. receive a medical certificate. If you have any doubts concerning your health condition contact us and we will try to analyse your situation together.

2. Theoretical training

It is the best idea to start with theoretical training.

We especially recommend you the form of e-learning training where you may gain 90% of knowledge still at home not leaving your armchair – you will receive materials, tests, presentations via the Internet. At the end of theoretical training, already during aviation practice you will meet lecturers who will discuss your test mistakes with you and explain any doubts that will appear during the course. During the training you can arrange consultations via the Internet communicator, e.g. Skype.

During the theoretical training you will gain knowledge in the following subjects: Human performance, Communications, Meteorology, Navigation, Flight performance and planning, Air Law, Operational procedures, Aircraft general knowledge, Principles of flight.

After completion of the course you will receive a certificate of a theoretical course completion for LAPL(A) and PPL(A) licences.

If you do not have enough self-discipline to learn via e-learning, we can prepare, especially for you, individual training path. Then you can learn theory and practice at the same time, locally, at the airport and we will adjust our schedule to your abilities.

3. Theoretical CAA examinations

After completion of the theoretical part you will have to pass theoretical examinations run by the Civil Aviation Authority. In order to register in the Polish CAA you need:

  • Theoretical course completion certificate,
  • Confirmation of the payment for issue of the licence and for the theoretical examination,
  • Application (to download at CAA webpage, obviously we will help you to fill it in).

Theoretical examinations in ULC are in the form of a computer test, in Polish or in English.

Of course, you can pass the theory for the licence in another place and even in another country. If you have doubts, get on touch with us, we will help you to find the most convenient way of passing through this stage of training for you.

4. Practical trainings

Even before taking the theoretical examination you may start the practical training which according to PART-FCL requirements for PPL(A) licence covers minimum 45 hours of training flights, and for LAPL(A) license 30 hours of training flights consisting of the following stages: Learning of the pilotage technique. Learning of the taking offs and landings, improvement of pilotage technique, emergency situations, learning of navigation and cross-country flights, learning of flights using instruments.

Familiarize with our offer and prices of practical trainings. If you do not know which aircraft would be the best for you, call us and we will help you to take the decision.

5. Practical examination

After completion of the practical training with the practical training certificate we will help you to arrange the date of the state practical examination. This will be a 1.5 hour flight in presence of the examiner of the Aviation Examination Board from the Civil Aviation Authority upon request run in English.

6. The aircraft pilot license

Being the owner of an aircraft pilot license you may share the pleasure of flying with your friends and relatives. Rent an aircraft as a licensed pilot and visit the world from a different perspective than the crowd queuing in the weekend traffic jams on the ground. Gdansk or Cracow within just 1.5 hour, Poprad (Slovakia) in a little bit more than 2 hours, Croatia in 4.5 hours – here you are.

Call us and we will help you to pass the training process in the most convenient way