Hangaring aircrafs and other services


  • We invite you to the modern hangar open 12 months a year, 7 days a week, with access to the asphalt runway in operational stand-by for the whole year.
  • 16 cameras, alarm and fire protection systems guarantee safety of your aircraft.
  • Our professional staff, on request, will prepare the aircraft at any time of the day, they will fill in the oil, fuel, take care of the technical and visual condition. They will prepare the aircraft for winter flights and the airport for night flights.

Hangar fees

The fee concerns aircraft within the scope of: Cessna 150 – Cessna 206

For the aircraft kept in hangar at Grądy airport or/and managed by CAMO Targor we offers attractive discounts for maintenance.

Hangaring aircraft – OFFER 2015

800 PLN / month

Within the fee we provide free access to the aircraft 12 months a year, 7 days a week and providing an aircraft at the apron for an ordered hour.
We provide a possibility of using social rooms in the hangar.
We provide access to power supply points and rectifier in case of problems with the battery.
Within the fee one also provides unlimited daily amount of takeoffs and landings at Grądy Airfield.

Aircraft preparation for winter flights

50 PLN / one time

At the request of the owner / user of the aircraft we prepare the aircraft for flying in the temperature below 5 ºC. Heating the engine using combustion heater will allow to save the time, fuel costs and engine wear of the aircraft and its engine and first of all will increase safety of the performed flight.

wnętrze kabiny samolotu kokpit pilota

Washing and cleaning of an aircraft

from 50 PLN / outside cleaning
from 70 PLN / inside cleaning

Using a professional high pressure washer we will remove any dirt from the airframe and at the request we will also polish all the external surfaces.
Inside we will clean the cockpit, wash the upholstery, vacuum clean even the smallest corners. Thanks to us your aircraft will gain totally new shine.

noc lotnisko licencja pilota

Night flights

30 PLN / one landing
100 PLN / h

In Grądy you do not have to chase the sunset – we will prepare you lamps for the take-off or landing at night. And if you want to practise night flying we will arrange the lamps for you and provide supervision over the flights.

All the prices VAT excluded.
VAT invoices on request.

Aircrafts refuelling


We sell only excise tax free AVGAS 100LL for polish operators

Net price:

5.80 PLN / l


7.13 PLN / l

Gasoline 95/98

We help with delivery of 95 or 98 petrol from the nearby petrol station.

We possess petrol cans for carrying 100 litres of petrol.

Oil and other fluids

Total 100

30 zł / l netto
36.90 zł / l brutto

Total 15W50

30 zł / l netto
36.90 zł / l brutto