Corporate events and meetings

Are you fed up with always the same hotels at the lakes or in the mountains?

Then why not try a corporate event at Grady airport.

We will close the whole airport for your exclusive use. The forest around, the fenced area – no one will disturb the party.

Let us start with the seminar – a conference room overlooking the hangar and airplanes. Then elegant, light lunch prepared by one of the best restaurants in the area, coffee, lectures, presentations….

Or try to free your imagination:​​​

  • races on the runway – any vehicles…
  • a beach volleyball match – maybe a tournament for the Cup of the President?
  • games and competitions in the open air – return for a moment to your carefree youth – darts, arcade games, shooting competitions….
  • an air show – yes, you can have your own Redbull Show!
  • airplane flights – are you ready for g-force?
  • skydiving – for those who are not afraid of adrenaline
  • barbecue and the best under the sun pea soup from the world famous “Przystanek” bar

What do you like? Quietly enjoying the beauty of aircraft in the hangar or partying on the runway?

We are open to all ideas.