GRĄDY Airfield (ICAO code: EPGY)

E 21º 46’ 39.49’’
N 52º 50’ 13.11’’

RWY: 27/09
Surface: Asphalt
TORA/LDA: 804 meters
Elevation: 124,21 m (407 ft) AMSL
Communication: Grady RADIO 126,850
Night fligts: Portable lamps

Location in reltaion to Ostrów Mazowiecka city: azimuth 300° GEO, distance 9,5 km (5,1 NM)

AIS communication: FIS Olsztyn – frequency 118,775 MHz,

Telephone: + 48 22 574 55 88

Airport “Grądy” is situated under TSA 02 sector D, the vertical borders of which are from GND to FL660. Takeoffs are only possible if there is no TSA-02D zone activity. The zone activity is announced in the airspace use plan (AUP) based on which one has to define the time and altitude scope of activity.

The landing field is situated in the West part of the forest massive, surrounded with a mixed forest with the majority of 5-15 m high pines. After taking off at the East direction there are no fields convenient for emergency landing. In both directions at the width of 100 m there is 200 m long forest clearance from the border of the landing area.

Wind direction factor: on the southern side of the runway on its grassy edge there is a standard windsock painted in white and red stripes, on a 12 m high mast, near the building being the operational room.

Lack of air obstacles in the understanding of the definition. The landing field is situated inside the forest massive which makes it extremely difficult for some kinds of aircraft, especially for ultralight or no motor airplanes, due to existing thermal turbulences over the runway and small number of fields for emergency landing on the Eastern direction.

Landing fee


one-time landing (T&G included)

12 EUR

one-day fee for private airships (unlimited landings for one day)

25 EUR

one-day fee for commercial trainings (unlimited landings for one day)

Apron parking fees


parking above 3 hours

10 EUR

over night parking

Hangar parking fees

12 EUR

day and night parking

240 EUR

monthly parking
*hangaring only with prior talks

VAT included

Aircraft refuelling

Excise tax free AVGAS 100LL.

We sell only excise tax free AVGAS 100 LL for polish operators:

  net: 5,80 PLN/l, gross: 7,13 PLN/l

We can help with MoGas (Gasoline 95 or 98) delivery from the nearest petrol station .
Please, call us to coordinate.

Rent a car

Seat Toledo 1,9 TDI (130 PH) 1,50 PLN/km