Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation CAMO

We offer continuing airworthiness management
for General Aviation aircrafts

We are able to accept for management any piston engine(s) aircraft

Our advantages

Care about the Client

We respect the time of our Clients. We organize maintenance and exchange of information in such a way that the Client‘s participation is limited to the minimum. Your aircraft will be under the care of one person which guarantees individual approach towards the requirements of each Client.

Part 66, M/F, 145

We are able to cooperate with maintenance organizations as well as we have an approval of cooperation with Part 66 mechanics for maintenance of privately used aircraft. Before the technical service we carefully check the scope of approval of each maintenance organization as well as qualifications of each mechanic.

Maintenance organizations outside Poland

Cooperation with maintenance organizations with a seat in the territory of the European Community, both during a planned or one time service (e.g. defect removal) is not a problem for us.

Online access

You can systematically follow the works and technical condition of your aircraft thanks to our system based on the web browser.

Familiarize yourself with our certificate

civil aviation authority loty widokowe
certyfikat targor flight club

Private owner

CAMO Targor offers services helping the owners of private aircraft in the duty of providing constant airworthiness including technical documentation supervision and proper maintenance.

CAMO Targor offers:​ ​​​

  • creating and approval of Approved Maintenance Program (AMP)
  • introduction of changes to already approved AMP
  • ​compulsory annual AMP analysis
  • creating statuses of an aircraft
  • current supervision over exploitation of an aircraft
  • updating of the manuals of the airframe, engine and the propeller
  • translation of the technical documentation

Offer for ATO / AWC

Rich experience gained while providing continuous airworthiness of the aircrafts possessed by Targor-Truck allows us to offer you well-tried solutions providing comfort and skilful aircraft management.

The framework of cooperation:​​​

  • creating and approval of Approved Maintenance Program (AMP)
  • airworthiness review certificate (ARC) prolongation
  • creating statuses of an aircraft
  • current supervision over exploitation of an aircraft
  • translation of the technical documentation


CAMO Targor possesses approved procedures of aircrafts managements being used in air transportation.

For Operators we offer:

  • ocreating, approval and further updating of Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • quality system
  • individual Technical Log elaboration


Online CAMO Targor

​The procedures among others cover the system used by CAMO Targor system enabling current following of the statuses of an aircraft which helps to better control the coming costs

CAMO Targor Online System requires only a web browser and connection with the Internet.