Together with you we create atmosphere and character of Grady airfield.

Let us introduce our crew

About us

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Bartosz Konopka
Head of Training, Chief Flying Instructor

Bartek is a keen pilot and a fan of aerobatics. He works for General Aviation and also for our national carrier – Polish Airlines LOT. He will be happy to fly with you to every corner of the world. If you want to fly in his company, you can call practically any time, day or night, and as long as he is not on a plane yet, he will be ready to accompany you.

Henryk Kącik
Practical CAA Examiner, Flying Instructor

Mr Kącik is simply an ‘institution’ in our airfield – a legendary aviator, the initiator and founder of Targor Flight Club. A flight instructor and a professional military pilot who spent most of his service hours on the MiG-21 jet plane. A longtime employee of Polish Aero Club. The sum of his experiences is piloting 20 types of aircraft. We appreciate Mr Kącik’s ease, humor and unflagging willingness to continue training new pilots. And his evening aviation stories over beer and barbecue are already quite a legend.

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Anna Kalbarczyk
Director, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Ania is a professional pilot and a flight theoretician, unfortunately, always buried in the airport papers. Nevertheless, if you need company to fly, she will be happy to join you and, in addition, she will take dozens of photos even during a short flight.

Eryk Sinica
Flying Instructor, CAMO engineer

Eryk is a real enthusiast of flying, brought up in aviation environment. When he was 16, he took up gliding to inevitably move to airplanes. Eryk is a young instructor with great passion and dreams. He will be thrilled to tell you the secrets of the aircraft he manages. His biggest dream is to fly across the Atlantic on a single engine plane. Why not join him, if you have enough courage.

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Mateusz Iwański
Flying instructor

Marcin Duda “Dudziak”
Flying instructor

Marcin Duda „Dudziak” Pilot zawodowy
Katarzyna Rychlik Specjalista ds. Aministracji

Katarzyna Rychlik
Specialist for Administration

Dariusz Galemba
Head of Maintenance Organization, Aircraft Mechanic

Darek is an experienced mechanic who worked on different aircraft not only in Poland, but in many parts of the world. Although fond of Antonov 2, he likes to learn about new aircraft types and he is open to any novelties. There is probably no technical challenge that he would not take.

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Sergii “Airbus” Stegaresku